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Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!

Mar 29, 2023

A group of heroes arrive at the settlement of Grayhill to dispel a curse that haunts the desperate residents.


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Mar 15, 2023

Alex, Susan and Ian sit down with DM Jamie to world build and create characters for the upcoming D&D one shot.  The tarot will decide our fate!

Show social & schedule - @RespectTheCrit

Alex Herrera @aeherrera

Susan Spenader @sueslalues

Ian Duncan @iduncs

Dungeon Master - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamiemfbones


Whatever the...

Mar 1, 2023

The fearless fringers are reunited with a friend before fleeing for their lives!

Show social & schedule - @RespectTheCrit

Elo - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamiemfbones

Beegax Botano - Alex Herrera @aeherrera

Xelora - Susan Spenader @sueslalues

Host & GM - Ian Duncan @iduncs


Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a...