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Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!

Feb 28, 2024

Our heroes attempt a risky heist of mako energy in our return to the city of Midgar and the universe of Final Fantasy VII.

Show social & schedule - @RespectTheCrit

Artanis Rinn - Alex Herrera @aeherrera

Jewel Stone - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamiemfbones

Elysia Valerius - Susan Spenader @sueslalues

Materia Keeper - Xavier Trudeau-Deschênes @xavierTD

Ruby Weapon - Ian Duncan @iduncs


Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!



Boycott Movement for a Liberated Palestine Explained

BDS Movement - How and Who to Boycott - Resources, literature, campaigns to take action, donations 🍉🇵🇸 - scripts, tools for finding US representatives, ways to take action


Original music provided with license or permissions by:

Music from Enrico Deiana

"You Can Hear the Cry of the Planet Music Remake"

"Turk's Theme Remake"

"Hurry! Music Remake"

"Bombing Mission (Opening Theme) Music Remake"

"Battle Theme Music Remake (Epic Fan Made)"

"Still More Fighting/Boss Theme Music Remake"


Music from Overclocked ReMix

"Crystal Sermon"  - Trenthian

"Serenity" - Mustin

"Heart's Anxiety" - Ceracryst, cheez80

"Captain of the Skies" - ZackParrish

"Harmony of Destruction" - ellywu2

"Deliverance of the Heart" - pixietricks, zircon

"Beyond Midgar" - BogusRed

"Crying Planet" - Akira Wing

"Every Story Begins with a Name" - Big Giant Circles

"Adrenalyne Kick" - Big Giant Circles, Liontamer, zircon

"Those Chosen by the Medley" - Trace Dragon XVI K

"Internal Affliction" - sephfire

"REAKTR.1" - sephfire, Tweex

"Too Much Fighting"  - Another Soundscape

"Frontal Assault"  - norg, SnappleMan

"Dual of the Blades"  - Kevin Penkin

"motor crazycycle"  - tefnek

"The Planet Is Dead"  - Nekofrog

"An Answered Cry"  - Deimos

"Aeris Lives" - Kevin Lau

"Final Ecstasy" - Ailsean

"Prayer" - MENBAH!


Music from

"Atmosphere of Intrigue" by Brian Holtz

"Unnatural Situation" by Kevin MacLeod


Additional music from under the CC BY 4.0 license

Additional sound from

Additional music and sound by TableTop Audio

Additional music and sound by Syrinscape

Additional music and sound by Pro Scores from Video Copilot

Additional music and sound by Monument Studios