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Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!

Jun 3, 2020


Use FiveCalls.Org to identify your state and federal reps AND use their scripts to make phone calls to the offices of your representatives.  They also have an app.

Use Resistbot to identify and contact the offices of many of your reps.  It is a text service that turns your message into a simple letter or petition.

Bond funds to support jailed protesters:

National fund - LGBTQ Fund

These are for Minnesota and California.  You can also look for one in your area:

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Los Angeles: People's City Council Freedom Fund

Oakland / San Jose Democratic Socialists of America Silicon Valley

National organizations:



Visit Black Lives Matter to donate and find the nearest chapter in your area.


Returned to the planet Socorro, and safely landed in the walled city of Cjaalysce'i, Elo and Beegax part ways with their new comrades.  But before they could enjoy the sites of the secluded city, they were contacted by the triumvirate, a trio of crime lords who control Socorro, and extorted into carrying out an assassination on the untouchable Zalto the Hutt.

With little choice and fewer options, the fearless fingers agreed, hoping to turn their disadvantage into opportunity.  Elo further investigated the strange glitches in their programming, but came away with more questions than answers.  Meanwhile Beegax discovered his stolen slicing system is treacherously traceable, when he and Elo were attacked by Imperial viper droids sweeping the city.  The fringers escape by speeder across the Badlands only to be pursued by a powerful predator, The Empire.


For more info and scheduling follow @RespectTheCrit

GM - Ian Duncan @iduncs

Elo - Jamie Lee-Bonés @jamielee.bones

Beegax Botano - Alex Herrera @aeherrera


Whatever the system, whether it's a miss or a hit, you always gotta respect the crit!


Original music provided with license or permissions by:

"Solo Fan Made" - Luis Humanoide 

"Star Wars Epic Cover I" - Parademics

"Escape Through the Asteroid Field" - Graham Plowman & Audiojungle

"Imperial March & Battle of the Heroes" & "The Asteroid Field Epic Han Solo Version" -  Samuel Kim

"Desert Winds" by Tabletop Audio

Music from

"Round Drums" by Kevin MacLeod
License: CC BY  

"All This" by Kevin MacLeod
License: CC BY  

"Right Behind You" by Kevin MacLeod
License: CC BY  

"Prelude and Action" by Kevin MacLeod
License: CC BY  

"Scattershot" by Kevin MacLeod
License: CC BY  

"Alien Invasion" by Rafael Krux
License: CC BY

Additional music by Pro Scores from Video Copilot